Friday, April 11, 2014

Park Day

Someones getting her first tooth! Almost 9 months old
It was so warm outside! We had to get some ice cream treats!

I sure love this messy face
Snapping this picture I woke her up. At least she woke up with a smile!

After spending a couple of days hanging around the house we decided to get out and play.
It's getting so nice a warm outside!
This is the first swing that Ella ever sat in and now Lila too!
She loved it!

Jack is such a nice brother! He stood there and pushed Lilly for what seemed like forever.

I love the little light speckles coming through Lilly's hat. Such a sweet little lady.
After going home and letting the babies take naps we went out again, this time to Trafalga.

Lilly is just tall enough to go on some of the rides, she was a little scared. Ella was such a nice big sister and sat with, Lilly did a lot better.
These pictures are actually so sad! Lilly wanted to go on this ride so badly, but then very quickly figured out it was way to scary! Poor baby!
After that she wanted to stick with the airplanes. So sweet that these guys were holding hands!!

Poor baby was stuck in her stroller the whole time watching the bigger kids having fun. 
So I got her some snacks :)

Love her crazy hair!

These guys are NOT afraid of the Frog Hopper

After a long day of having fun it was nice to come home and relax.

Jack especially.. 
(I'm saving this picture for his high school graduation)

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