Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Break

Ryan and I had some grand ideas for spring break this year, but Ryan got caught up with work and wasn't able to take off the time needed. So on his regular day off we decided to take the kids out and have some fun around here.
None of us had ever been to the Tracy Aviary, so that was our first stop.
Lilly is so tiny!

The kids were so scared of that big old vulture! This picture does not do him justice. But they loved these sweet little red birds that looked like mini flamingos.

Ella's favorite- an owl.
Jack's favorite- a swan.

The kids loved feeding all of the ducks!

After leaving the aviary we were so close to downtown that we decided to hit city creek.
Lilly loves all make up!

After doing some shopping we decided to take the kids bowling- one of their most favorite things to do! I loved Lilly's teeny tiny bowling shoes!

Lilly LOVED to bowl! I guess we need to go more often.

It was such a fantastic day. Just being together as our little family. 
I hope it's days like these that the kids will always remember!

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