Friday, April 4, 2014

Trip to the Zoo

Since the first day of school Jack has been talking about how he was going to go on a field trip to the Zoo. Finally today was the day!
He got to pack a lunch (which since kindergarten is half day he never has lunch at school) and he also go to ride the bus!
Although I couldn't be an official helper, Mom's could tag along as long as we drove ourselves.
Hence Lilly having a lunch too!
I couldn't have asked for a better day! It's really starting to feel like spring outside!
So I dropped Jack off at school and waited around for the buses to leave. But it was taking forever!
So I drove up a little early.
When we got there the babies and I hung out in front and walked around the gift-shop.

After what felt like forever I found out that I had been waiting up front, while the buses went to the back of the park! There were several Mom's there waiting, we were so frustrated!
I then spent the next hour walking around the park looking for Jack and his group!
I loved Lilly's outfit she helped pick out though. She LOVES that hat!
While looking for Jack, the babies and I stopped and looked at some of the animals.
The baby elephant was so cute!
This was the cutest baby around though!

I always thought that Lilly would like the zoo, she loved it!!

The monkeys and apes kind of freaked her out though..

FINALLY we were able to catch up with Jack and his group! They were already stopping for lunch!
The kids kept getting distracted from their lunches by these huge bears who were fighting and growling!

My sweet boy!
So many people throughout the day commented to me on how helpful Jack is. 
Sometimes I really don't know I make it through the day without him.
It's going to be so sad this fall when he's in school all day!

Jack really wanted me to take a picture of all the owls for Ella- who loves Harry Potter
Jack is starting a project for school on giant tortoise, he was so excited when he saw this one!

Jack's little group
He's been able to make so many good friends in school. There are even some girls who have told him that they have crushes on him! And so it begins...

They even got to ride the carousel!

All Jack wanted to see was a tiger!
This little lady was so good the whole time!
Everyone's got to take a drink out of the lion drinking fountain. 

Just like that, it was time to leave.
Jack had the option of going home with his classmates on the bus, or he could stay with me and spend a little more time at the zoo and come home with us.
He oped to come home with me.
We walked around more. So much was under construction that there wasn't much more to see.

I LOVE these pictures! Jack and Lilly were the two babies I had to wait the longest for. How blessed I am!
We had a little time before we needed to pick up Ella from school so we went down to city creek for some lunch.
One of my favorites!
I dare you to find a cuter baby then this!! Oh, I could gobble her up!

We made it just in time to get Ella!
It was so funny, she kept these on all the way down from Salt Lake!
After picking up Ella it officially became SPRING BREAK!!!
Such a fun day, but so excited for a break!

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