Monday, April 7, 2014

Lilly Meets Elsa and Anna

When I found out that a cute little local bakery was having a Frozen themed little princess party, I knew Lilly had to go!! We invited Alivia and Tiffany to come along.
The first day of spring break it was finally the day!
Lilly wanted to wear an Elsa dress, but of course it was impossible to find.
I guess we should feel lucky we found this one, although it's hideous. I think Lilly's going to wear it everyday now.

We were some of the first girls there.

I said "Hey Lilly, are you excited?" This was her response.

Each girl got a makeover. Lilly sat so nicely while getting her hair done.
She loves getting her nails done! She wants to paint them a new color everyday.

Lastly make up- Lilly was in heaven!
Our pretty princesses all dressed up!
And then they came! Elsa and Anna!!

They sang songs and danced and read some books.
Then it was lunch. Pizza and apples!
Poor Alivia, I don't know if she was tired or something, but she became very shy and just wanted her mama.

Everyone got to decorate little cake boxes and a cupcake.
I love that Lilly took a bite of her cupcake before realizing that she could frost it.

Lilly loved her face painted

Thanks Tiff for snapping a couple of pictures of Lilly and I.
Tiffany loves babies. And Lila loves Tiffany.
Comparing their new jewelry.

The girls got to talk to Elsa and sing some more songs.
If you thought that I was the only Mom taking a million pictures, you would be very wrong.

It was so much fun! Lilly loved every second!
Thanks Tiff for coming along.
Such a fun day!
I couldn't come home empty handed.

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Tiffany Robinson said...

I love all of these photos! Thank you for inviting us.

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