Thursday, April 17, 2014

What we've been up to this week

While I was helping Ryan with some things the girls got to play in the front seat of the car. Apparently it was really fun- they were laughing the entire time!
I love Lilly's sweet smile, what a doll.
Lila has figured out how to climb on everything! She will stand up along all of the furniture. I bet we have another early walker!

This is what 6 hours of dirt bike riding looks like...

I knew that Lilly was going to want to wear this dress everyday. Sure enough...
She asked that I take some pictures of her. I wasn't very happy that she had pulled out her braids..

But look at that face!
After so much apprehension, contemplation and many discussions with Ella's teachers Ryan and I finally agreed that we would let Ella go on a special overnight trip with school to a camp a couple of hours away. It's probably since she's our oldest, or maybe that we didn't really know very many of the people going- be we were really nervous. But we talked to Ella and decided that she was old enough.
I'm glad we let her go, she had so much fun! It was a long 48 hours for me though!
Yesterday Jack had his first ever soccer practice!!
He's been looking forward to it for weeks! His sweet coach has never coached before, but seems super nice and easy going. Most of the other boys have played a little soccer before (Jack hasn't at all!) so it will be interesting to see how it goes at their first game this weekend..

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