Sunday, April 6, 2014

Family Time

Spring breaks started with meeting up with some friends!
The Shumway's were in town for Joseph's sisters wedding.
Grace is so much taller then Ella!
It was so fun to see everyone.. except Lauren. She was in Wyoming at her Grandpa's funeral :(
Of course Mary and her family were here for the wedding too!
We all went back to Extreme Air Sports.
These sweet babies loved looking and talking to each other.

They would even hold hands. So sweet!!

Mary really got in on the action

Jacob is seriously weird

It was conference weekend. I love watching and feeling rejuvenated. This time I got the kids to stay glued to the TV with bowls of candy they can take from when certain words are said.
Lila loves to eat and loved the big breakfast I made for conference Sunday.
I love spring break!

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