Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

Every year I try and take the kids to a couple of Easter egg hunts. 
With so much going on this weekend, I'm thinking this will be the only one. Good thing it was a good one.
We all woke up early and drove to highland. Lilly was ready with her bucket!
Ryan thinks this hat is so stupid, but I don't care. There's only a couple of days a year that you can get away with it and this is the last year I'll have a baby of my own to wear it!
Ella is such a good sport. She always participates, even though I know she feels a little too grown up for things like that.
Getting ready!
While waiting for the hunt to start the kids got to pose with the Easter bunny. Just a little bit creepy..
Not very often does Ryan get to participate, but since this hunt was so early he could tag along before going to work.
There were different areas for each age group. Sadly Ella was a little bit down the way so I didn't get to catch her in action. (You can see her long hair and denim jacket)
And they were off! They were told they could only get 10 eggs or something. Jack got all of him in a matter of seconds.
Lilly on the other hand, she just walked around looking at each egg. Trying to decide if that was the one she wanted. In the end she only picked two :)

After collecting their eggs we went over to another part of the park for some cookie decorating.

After the hunt Ryan still had some extra time before needing to go to work so we decided to go get some breakfast. 
Us and everyone else who lives in northern Utah county!!
We went to THREE different restaurants, all of which were so packed and had such long waits.
We gave up.
And went to McDonald's.
Lilly didn't care! She was happy to play in the play place.
Up next- Jack's FIRST SOCCER GAME!!

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