Monday, March 31, 2014

Second Half of March

As soon as Adam moved here he started looking for a dirt bike. The weather has been so great, they have started going together at least once a week.
It begins again.
As Ryan likes to remind me, I wanted him to find a hobby....
Jack got to have Tiggerific again! He sure loved that dirty thing
This is an every day thing now. She looks so big!
Since she can now pull herself up to things she has also figured out how to open these drawers. 
She pulls out all of the games and dvd's.
It's sad, sometimes she gets her arm stuck in the drawer...

Her little feet with her socks falling off
I sure do love that dirty face!
With the weather being so good Jack couldn't wait to get outside and do some yard work!

By chance Ella and Lila were matching one morning.
My bookend girls
More cousin's move to Utah! 
Lilly loved playing with Kylie.
Now if we can only get Mary, Sarah and Aaron to move their families here!
(Bizzy is planning on moving here in June!)
These girls love getting in the mail in hopes of getting an American Girl catalog.
They circle all the things they hope to get someday.
In their dreams
On afternoon driving around I noticed some of the tress are getting little buds on them.
Spring is here!
And just like that it's winter again...
This storm was crazy! I felt like I was racing out of a black hole!
I guess that's just spring in Utah.
It felt so great to get outside and breath the fresh air!
Well, I'm just about done nursing this lady.
She just wants regular food anway
Now that the kids are outside more Lila crawls over to the back door and bangs on it over and over until they come talk to her. She wishes she could go and play outside too.
She's getting so big! Before I know it she will be running around outside too

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