Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Our Trip to Denver to Meet Anderson

On February 20th my sister Sarah gave birth to her 4th boy- Anderson Gray!
I couldn't wait to meet little Anders!
So on February 26th I flew with the two littles to Denver to help her out!
The girls were a little wild on the plane, but we made it!
It was my goal to completely take over for Sarah in all of her motherly duties. 
Her only job was to take care of that tiny new baby and rest!
The first day I spent getting the boys off to school, cleaning her house top to bottom, catching up on all of the laundry, picking up the boys from school and making dinner.
Lilly loved playing with all of those BOYS!

Sweet little Anders! He's so juicy! Lila loves babies and Anders was no exception!

I let Liam and Lilly run around the front of the school while we waited to get the big boys.
Good thing Sarah had an extra car seats and lots of other baby things
These boys are a wild bunch, but so sweet.

Cousin tubby time! These guys are so close in age, but Liam is so much bigger!

Liam told me that he was protecting Lilly in her castle!
This sweet little man, I'm so glad I got to go meet him!
Most days Sarah and I just hung out on her bed chatting. It was so nice!
Lila also loved Sarah's dog Snowy! She chased him around trying to give him a hug.
One of the afternoons I was there I took some pictures of the new little guy. He was so good!

Liam didn't like my breakfast. He asked me "Aunt Rachie, why do your pancakes taste so nasty?!"
Because they are waffles. Thanks Liam ;)
Matthew wanted me to take a video of him to send to my kids at home.

She thought it was pretty fun that she got her foot up there and was banging in on the tray.. over and over. Oh, and she also loved those bowls of dog food. I had to keep it up on the counter most of time or I would find Lila eating it. Yuck!
Since Liam, Matthew, Sarah and Kreightons birthdays were all the week after I left we had a little early birthday party for everyone. I made my chocolate cake and opened presents!
It was so fun to hold a tiny little baby.. but I am most defiantly done with little babies.
Everyone needed a candle!
On one of the last days Sarah decided to venture out with me to do some grocery shopping. It was so fun to be out and about with our two little babies
Our time in Denver was coming to an end... I'm going to miss this little guy!
On my last day Mary and her kids drove down from Laramie!
Us ladies and our babies all went out to Sushi to celebrate Sarah's 30th birthday!! Mary sat in the back with all of the car seats ;)
All of our babies!
It was such a nice night, even though I'm not a fan of sushi... the company was great!
When Ella and Ethan were little we had these in these matching jammies for Christmas.
Now Lila and Anders are the same ages!

Early the next morning the girls and I headed out for home. 
So many people came up to me and told me how wonderful my girls were on the flights.
Thank goodness! Prayers were answered for sure!

Thank you to Sarah and Kreighton for having me! I hope that I was able to be of help to you and your family! Love you all!
Thank you to Mom, Sami and Ryan for making it possible for me to go.
Ryan kind of had a breakdown a couple days before I came home. Being a Mom isn't easy!!

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