Wednesday, February 26, 2014


This little lady is getting better and faster at crawling.. this video she was a little too excited and clapping instead. 

She pulled herself up on this toy! She's getting so big! Maybe she'll start walking early like Jack
Lila's first cake! She'll be all ready for her birthday in a couple of months!
Lilly loves her baby that she was calling "Emme". I love how she's even singing to her!
Out to dinner with all of the children can be quite entertaining, I'm just not sure it's that entertaining to the people sitting close to us.
Baby teething makes her want to cuddle. I'll take that!
Lila has started playing with her hair while she nurses.
Got to celebrate Sami's birthday a little late! Happy Birthday Sami!!! Thank you for all that you do for us and being such a great friend!!
More cake!! She really destroys it!

Lila wasn't sure about being in the sink...

I've never had a baby teethe like this before.. this is horrible....
She felt better after some medicine.

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