Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ella's Daddy- Daughter Dance

A couple of weeks ago Ella found of that her school was going to be putting on a daddy-daughter dance. She was SO excited! We shopped around for the perfect dress. (Maybe one that would work as an Easter dress too!) We finally found one.. had to take a picture to send to Grandma and Aunt Sarah!
The day of the big dance we got Ella all glammed up!
It was so crazy to have her all dolled up, she looked like a teenager!
While waiting for Dad to get home.. he was running a little late.. We took some pictures.
Ella seriously took my breath away, she's SO beautiful!!

I'm so proud of Ella, she's doing so great at school, helping around the house, being a good sister and friend. I hope that she will always stay at sweet as she is right now!

Ryan got home just in time! They posed for a couple of pictures and then hurried off to the dance!
Ryan is such a great Dad. He was so excited to go, not for himself so much ;) but he knew how much to meant to Ella.
As they pulled out of the driveway I noticed Lilly was sobbing!!
She said "I wanted to go to the ball!"
Oh my gosh, break my heart!!
(Her shoes are on the wrong feet ;) )
All of her tears dried up when she got to dress up and go to the store to pick out a little treat!
(Ryan has more pictures and VIDEO that I'll have to get!)
Ella had so much fun! They danced all night long!
Ryan always liked going to school dances when he was young, so I think he had more fun then he let on. After the dance they went and got some ice cream.
Ella said it was a perfect night and one she will never forget!

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