Monday, February 10, 2014

The First Half of February

Lila loves watching the other children play outside. She's such a joy!
Again, we are so naughty! Always getting ice cream and not sharing!
6 Month check up for Lila
The doctor said he only see's a couple of kids a year who can crawl at her age!
Stats- 26 1/2 inches (60%) and 14 Pounds (17%)
Happy Birthday to Jacob!
20 years old! His present was his best friend Dakota flying in and snow boarding!


I love how fat Lila's cheeks look when she's asleep in her car seat
A lady in Target told Lilly that her "brother" was so cute. Sorry Lila, I guess that's what I get for this outfit and no bow. Time to get your ear pierced!
This is what a day after playing with cousin's looks like.

Getting ready for our trip to Arizona to attend Grandpa Bailey's wedding.
It might be wishful thinking that it would be warm enough to swim, but I had to get this cute suite for Lilly!
Double date with my Mom and Dad (the boys didn't want to be in the picture)
It's so weird that we can do things like this, but so fun!!

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