Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Orr's Move to Utah!!!

Over the years my parents have talked about how fun it would be to move to Utah.
More and more of us kids were growing up and moving out west.
Me in Utah, Sarah in Colorado and Mary in Wyoming.
With two of the boys wanting to move out here.
So this winter the idea of moving to Utah became a little more serious.
Then this spring the decision was made- the Orr family would move to Utah.
They started packing and looking for a house in Utah.
It wasn't real for me (and I think most of us) until they found a house and put down a deposit!
This was REALLY happening!
Finally the day came- they had the moving trucks and were packing up.
It's a long drive from Wisconsin to Utah.
It felt like it took DAYS for them to get here and I guess it did.
The kids made a banner to hang up for Grandma and Grandpa- poor Lilly!! She fell asleep while coloring it!
Their first night they spent with us at our house, but woke up early to go and see their new house!
Mom, Dad, Anna, Neinah, Samuel, Francesca, Gabriel, Judea and the dog Bunny in front of their new home!
(Samuel and Francesca are renting out the basement apartment!)
We started the task of unloading the trucks.
(Ok, I didn't! Sorry! I'm too fat....)
Some neighbor boys and friends from my ward came to help.
Jack was SUCH an amazing helper! 
He stayed outside all day helping with whatever he could. I'm so proud of my hard working boy!
After living in the same house for 15 years I was surprised that they were able to get everything in two trucks. They got rid of so much stuff! I guess that means Mom gets to go shopping. :)
Me and my little family had never met Gabe or Jude!
Gabe was born RIGHT after we left from our last visit out to Wisconsin.
Lilly loved having some buddies to play with!
Mary especially wanted me to take some pictures of the "process".
We have never lived close to my parents.
I'm SO happy and excited, especially for my kids.
Grandma and Grandpa are a LOT of fun!!

The LAST box out of the trucks!!
Again, Jack is such a great helper! I don't know what I would do without him!
With the coo-coo clock up, they are officially moved in!!
We decided after a couple of days of hard work we all deserved a nice dinner out.
Of course Ryan wanted to take them to Tucanos. We are a family of meat eaters for sure!
(I'm SO HUGE! Only two more weeks!!)
I love that Lilly looks shocked at Gabe stealing off her plate.
Sorry we had to go without you Justin and Katrina!
After we went to play in the toy store.
It's so fun having these guys here all the time now!!
Welcome to Utah!! Welcome HOME!

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