Sunday, July 7, 2013

Family Picnic in the Mountains

Dad could NOT have been more happy to live close to mountains again!
So Ryan decided that after church we should drive up and have a family BBQ.
Ry woke up early-early to go and find the most perfect spot.
As soon as church was over we packed up and hit the road.
Sadly when we made it to the rangers station they turned us away, there had been a rock slide and the road was BLOCKED!!
Ryan was devastated!  He had bought a new grill and made a pasta salad just for the day.
After a few minutes we made a new plan. Off the Provo Canyon instead.
Although not what Ryan had in mind, it was still fun!
The kids ran around and played.
The MEN cooked the meat.
Poor Gabe, his chip fell in the dirt..
Lilly had to be watched very closing since we were so close to the river. But she was pretty good and just played in the dirt most of the time.
All of the kids!!

It's so weird and FUN to have my family close to be able to do fun things like this!
I can't wait for the holidays- it's going to be so different, but so much better!!

We roasted some marshmallows and made smores.
It was so fun, we might just have to do this every weekend!

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