Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A week in July

Every once in a while these ladies take naps at the same time. 
And it is glorious!! 
I'm so sad that Lilly is outgrowing nap time...

My first night in my new calling with the young women! So exciting! Our challenge tonight was to share a picture of us with the Book of Mormon. What an amazing testament of our savior! I'm so blessed to have a knowledge of the truthfulness of this book! Let me know if you want one :)

Registered the children at their new school! This year is going to be awesome, I can feel it! 
No more 17 minute drive! It will be the ONE year that they are in the same school at the same time!

After almost 5 years without a real back yard- we are all THRILLED!

I love when Lila stands up in her high chair and yells "uh-oh!". It's like she's tattling on herself.....

Someday she wont get into bed with us..
Until then we are soaking up every second with this little peanut. She is perfection!
So fun to have some BAILEY cousins come to visit! Of course Ella and jack had to take all of them for a ride on their ATV's. Miles didn't want to stop!

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