Monday, July 14, 2014

Lila's First Birthday Party

Yeah! I was so excited for Lila's party!
It was a lemonade/barbeque theme.

I love throwing my kids cute parties. I hope that they will always remember them.
Although Lila might not this time ;)

Lisa helped Lila sneak a treat...

This big fat ham... Where are his clothes?

I found a coupon to rent this bouncy house for $30, the kids loved it! Totally worth it.

Us girls chatting and snacking while the men cooked.
Ryan's such an awesome Dad. He went and got the bouncy house and set it up, helping with the decorations and then cooked everything.

I'm so happy it was such a nice day. The kids had so much fun running from the bouncy house, kiddie pool and big water slide.
Baby was too hungry to wait... she LOVES to eat!

In the short amount of time I stepped away Lila totally soaked her outfit. At least she was happy.

Anderson saw Dad drinking his soda and started yelling and desperately trying to reach that can!
It was so cute!
So Grandpa can give a baby soda, but I couldn't give Ethan a little bite of pie...?

All ready to open presents... but where is Daddy?

I knew right where to look.
He's such a kid. He just couldn't help it!

I bought this Bitty Baby in like February and have been holding onto it ever since.

I had a feeling she would love it. Ryan was glad I didn't get one with black hair again..

So many presents! Thank you to everyone who came, it was so much fun! Lila was spoiled!
It's kind of hard when it's not your birthday and you're two years old. Only a few weeks and it will be Lilly's turn.

I LOVE that she really got into it. She loves cake!
A tubby in the sink
All washed up and wearing her new jamjam's.

Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl.
The last first birthday for our little family.

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