Monday, July 7, 2014

Dirt-Bikes and ATV's

After what felt like forever (7 weeks) we finally got the call that the kids ATV's were ready!
Ryan was so happy that it was a Monday so he could go pick them up right away.
Immediately after picking them up from the dealer we drove straight out to the tracks!
I was so worried that in the end the kids would be scared. But they both hopped right now and were ready to go.

Ryan took a lot of time instructing them and showing them how each work.
Jack was way more cautious then I thought. That's a good thing.
Adam came along to help Ryan. What a stud :)

The baby girls and I just hung out on the trailer. It was so hot!

Lilly was so sad, she wanted to go for a ride. Happily her brother obliged.
After a couple of little runs, they were ready to ride way out to the tracks.
I was super worried and we all said a prayer before they drove off.

I waited until I couldn't see anymore of the dust..... 
Both Jack and Ella said it was "So much fun". There was only one little snag. Jack clipped Ella and she fell off. That's why she's got so much protective gear! But she was fine and hopped right up and kept going. I think that these will be so fun to have around.
This is just the beginning! 

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