Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day

With so much going on, before I knew it the 4th was already here!
We had ordered the kids ATV's weeks ago and was told that they would be ready by today.. so I waited and waited around all afternoon to see if they would call and I would run and get them!
Finally after hours of waiting I decided to call the shop. They did not have our ATV's and were actually closed today so I wouldn't have been able to pick them up anyways.
What a mess. I'm so sick of dealing with these stupid things. I hope they are worth it.

It's so fun being in my parents ward now. My Dad along with all of the other high priests put on a big breakfast for everyone in my parents front yard.
The kids got to go on some rides around the neighborhood.
It just made Jack that much more upset that his ATV's STILL hadn't arrived.

Ella got to meet some of the girls from the neighborhood. It's our hope that she will make some great friends this year that she will have through Jr. high.
Grandpa the cooker man
Later in the afternoon we drove down to Provo to watch the fireworks from BYU stadium.
My family and some friends came along too.

Lila tried keeping it cool in the shade
The boys played some football and soccer.
These little ladies were so cute!
There was lots of lounging around and snacks

Finally it started getting dark- which means glow-sticks!

Jack and Preston loved playing with all of the glow-sticks!
The older girls loved these glasses
Time for the fireworks! The little girls found a cozy spot in Lisa's wagon.

It was a great night!
Happy independence day!

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