Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ella's First Girls Camp

One the the major perks to me being in Young Womens right now is that I get to spend so much time with Ella on mutual night, Sunday and now the opportunity to go with her to girls camp!
Maisy just moved down to Utah county and with her not knowing her new ward very well opted to come with us for girls camp!
When my parents lived in Wisconsin I would try and visit them every June. Neinah always said it would be so fun when Ella was 12 because then maybe she could go to girls camp in Wisconsin with her. Little did we know at the time that by the time Ella was 12 she would live in Utah with us, in the same ward and get to attend girls camp with Ella here.
Neinah's last year and Ella's first!

So much stuff! It's times like these that I'm so glad we have this trailer and that it can be used in giving service so much! Ryan actually had the day off and was able to help pack everything up and drive the car with the trailer up to camp.
After what seemed like forever we all finally made it up to camp!

Ryan loved talking and joking with the other priesthood leaders. Brother Gonzalez and Brother Blacker.

Everyone got their tents all set up right away!
I'm so happy with everyone that Ella bunked with, all sweet girls!
Of course she was partnered up with Maisy.

After setting up and having a short meeting many of the girls went to take a swim test.

I was helping do other things while Ella took her test, but got to be with her while she made many crafts.

After lunch it was time for swimming (if you could pass the test)
Ella is in the brightly colored stripped top and black shirt bottoms.

They got to go in canoes too!

It was such a nice afternoon!

But it wasn't over yet! The scout camp we were at offered many different activities, including a "high ropes course". It looked terrifying to me, but of course Ella wanted to try it.

As it got closer to her turn she started to look more worried..

Climbing up!

She chose one of the hardest obstacles! She looked like she was going to cry the whole time, poor thing!

Finally she just turned around and said, I'll just do the zip-line.

After a few seconds of nervousness, she was able to relax and enjoy it!

That evening we had a devotional and dinner.

It was Ryan's plan to just go up, drop everything off and leave.
But then he helped set up some of the tents.. and then he helped move some things.. and then he helped with lunch.. and then dinner. He loved it! He didn't want to go home!
He said he would love to go to girls camp every year now!
(I think I could make that happen)

This years camp was all super hero themed. Ella's group were the Captain America's.
Her YCL's made such cute props!

Then it was time for each groups skit!
Ella did so well, it was hilarious!

Even us leaders did a skit! I've decided that I am most defiantly NOT an actress.. I gave everything away and couldn't stop laughing.

With everything going on at home.. I ended up not staying the night at camp.
I stayed until after dinner and then rushed home to pick up the kids, feed, bathe and get them ready for bed. Then I would wake up early and leave in time to get to camp right as everyone else was waking up. I'm glad that Ella was alright while I was gone.

Breakfast. The food was great!

Our camp's mascot, Thor!
Time for a hike!

The hike was beautiful and Sister Heartshorn gave a wonderful lesson!

Neinah was especially happy when we got back and were able to do archery!

Ella was actually pretty dang good!

Maisy did so well on the ropes course!

She was finally able to talk me into it!
I do NOT like heights!!!

I got up there and was like "nope, not doing this! Send me back down!"
They got me to do the zip-line, which wasn't bad.. but that type of thing.. is not my thing.

Ella was determined to try again.. this time just the zip-line, like me. She did much better her second time.

The third and last morning!
We auctioned off Thor and Neinah won!! She was really excited about it!
Nice hat Ella!

I'm so thankful for the opportunity that I had to share this experience with Ella!
I remember my first time at camp and I'm sure she always will too.

All of the girls!

And all of the leaders! These are such wonderful women, I am truly privileged to work with them!
Had to take a couple pictures before we left!
What a great girls camp, until next year!!
Now it's time for a shower!

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