Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Random June

After waiting for what seemed like forever Jack finally got the call- he made it onto a LaRoca team!
We were all a little surprised. I think it had a lot to do with his former coach Christina. 
He's now on a U9 team, playing two ages up, but with his two buddies Cameron and Isaac! 
He had his first practice with coach Eric and loved it! It's harder then Rec, but a lot better.
 Ella and Jack said they had never played Twister before.. Had to try it out!
So glad Ella didn't realize I was taking video!

It used to be such a pretty chair..

 One of my most favorite videos of Lila!
I thought it was so cute how she said "delicious"!

A duck had some babies the other day! The kids were all so excited!

The girls love it when they come into our yard!

Jacob's future wife Natalie was thrown a bridal shower. It was fun that Ella was included!
We played some games, ate yummy food and watched Natalie open some gifts.

Ella's toilet paper dress turned out pretty well..

So excited for Jacob and Natalie!! Only a couple more weeks!

I don't ever want to forget these warm summer days eating "apple berries" in the back yard!

Jack's second practice.. so far he's loving it!

Not sure we will be allowed in Costco ever again!

After 12 years it was time for retirement. This crib has slept all four of our kids.
But now that Lila can climb out so easily, it's time for a big girl bed.
So bittersweet! No more babies for us..

First night in her big girl bed!! Lilly loved being on the top bunk.. Lila was a little unsure..
But she stayed there all night!

Our first trip to Seven Peaks for the summer!!
Let the summer officially begin!

Just a week or so later we went again. I think this is going to be a weekly thing for the summer!

Love that tiny little white hat!
To remember what it was like in 2015
One day while waiting for Jack at soccer Lila just wanted a Mommy cuddle. 
Not many more days like this one..

June 25th! My Mom and Bizzy's birthday!
I remember when Bizzy was born!
Now I get to play with her baby- Rosie!

To celebrate we met up at City Creek for lunch and shopping!

So pretty Bizzy! Happy Birthday!

Lila was seriously obsessed with this fountain. If I tuned my back for one second there she was trying to climb in!

The other kids played in the splash pad!... Where's Lila? Oh.. yeah, talking to some guy. We better talk more about stranger danger!

Another Seven Peaks day, this time we brought all of the Lewis family with us!
We stayed all day and even got lunch, something I told the kids we would never do.
Boy I caved fast!

Our whole group! (Except Karla) So glad that everyone could come!

Six more months of one o'clock church.. I know some people love church at that time, but not Lila! She misses her nap too much.

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