Monday, June 22, 2015

Ella's 12th Birthday Party

Finally the day had come! Ella was so excited! She was finally not a "little kid" anymore.
12 is a pretty big deal.
We planned an Ice Cream Social for her and her friends.

She had so many wonderful lifelong friends, friends from the neighborhood, church and school there.

The boys were supposed to be inside playing video games and not bothering the girls.. but they heard ice cream and came running. 

Lilly was a little stinker, stealing all of the candy

Sydney and Delaney 

Avorie, Paige and Ella.
BFF's since birth.

Lauren and Holly

Neinah and Maisy

Ryan was awesome! He manned the ice cream station all afternoon!
He even matched the decor. Was that on purpose?

Then we played some games!

While everyone was finishing their ice cream Ryan decided that we should play the game and put on a show for the kids.
It was "Blindfolded sword fight" We had to be the first to find the sword and hit the other player to win.

We also played elbow tag. Even Ryan got into it!

Look at those frosting covered hands!

My impromptu cake design!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Ella!

Next up- presents!!

I love Ryan's face in these!
Ella had talked about wanting a cellphone, but I thought she was too young. But with her starting Jr. High in a couple of months Ryan was able to convince me it was a good idea.
She had no idea.. even when her box was ringing!

Finally figured it out! 

All of her friends gave her wonderful gifts. Ryan thought it was funny that I got her a mermaid tail!

But I'm pretty sure she liked it!

Seriously, it was the perfect tween night! Tee shirts, flipflops, chocolate fountains, room decor, a cat poster!

Bizzy and Tyler were around all that day and Bizzy helped so much with everything!! 

After being focused on Ella for so long I decided to check on everyone else.. 
This is how I found Ryan! I thought it was so funny!
Just relaxing in the cool breeze.

There were so many kids on the tramp.. I thought it was going to break!

And finally she got Coconut water.. it was obviously an inside joke between her, Avorie and Paige.
It was pretty awesome to watch!
I hope you had a wonderful birthday Ella, since you are wonderful!
Happy Birthday, my 12 year old!

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