Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fathers Day and Ella's Birthday

This year it just so happened to be Fathers day on Ella's birthday.
We got to celebrate both Ella and Ryan!
First order of the day- breakfast in bed!


It's seriously one of his favorite things..

Ella was happily surprised.
These pictures were taken on June 21st at 9:09am.. the same day and time she was born, 12 years ago! Where has time gone? It feels like it was only a couple of years ago and at the same time it feels like a lifetime ago.
So excited to have a 12 year old!!
Before church we ran outside to take a couple of pictures. Turning 12 is a BIG deal!

and then I turn around and see this.. nice shoes Lilly :)

Today I was extra grateful I am in young womens!
I got to be with Ella to welcome her in and witness her first day of young womens!

She's thrilled- no more primary!!!

After church we all went up the canyon. Dad builds a little dam every time!

Sure love these dirty birds!

Ella got to open some presents from Grandma and Grandpa.

Then Dad got to open his presents..
I seriously found the perfect card for him! Vintage feel, batman that sings the original theme song!

And a tee shirt that says "Only the best Dad's get promoted to Grandpa".
My Dad has the best stories, the best soup, he never gives up, he loves unconditionally and has the best sense of adventure! He has always been such a wonderful example to me of selfless service and love. I've never had to wonder if my Dad loves me, he tells me every time I see him. Love you Dad!

And then there was food.. and lots of it!

Poor Natalie was so sick! Only a little over a week from the wedding now!

And with the blowing out of the candles, it's official! Happy Birthday Ella!

Of course we were there to celebrate Ryan too.. 
All Ryan wants in life is to be the best Father and Husband. This guy has his priorities in the right place. I'm so grateful for him, his hard work, his love, generosity and desire to do what's right. I picked a good one when I picked this guy. Best decision on my life. Happy Fathers day Ricky!

What a fabulous day up the canyon! The start of many more to come this summer I'm sure!
Tomorrow Ella's 12th birthday party! It's going to be a good one!!

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