Friday, June 5, 2015

Neighborhood Carnival

One afternoon we drove passed a park in our area and found a little carnival. 
The kids were dying to go, so one evening after Ryan got home from work we went to check it out.

Everyone could pick one ride. 

I was so happy Ryan was able to come along. So many times he can't make it because of work.

Ella and I both choose the viking ship! Lila was totally freaked out and crying.
I can't believe in just a couple of short weeks this girl will be 12! She's the best helper, babysitter, friend and big sister! So happy I got to go on this ride with her- not only literally, but on this journey into middle school!

When Jack decided that he wanted to go on this ride Ryan and I both were thinking.. no way.
But he insisted. He was going to go all alone, until we found out he couldn't and another older boy hopped in. Jack said he was really nice though and trying to keep Jack calm by asking him things like where he went to school and how many siblings he had.

His shoes flew off when he was going around!
He said he wasn't really that scared and would do it again. I guess he's growing up!

Finally it was time to go home, but we had just one ticket left.
We figured out that it could be used on one of the little games.
Lilly was thrilled to be chosen.
She won a crown!
I'm so excited for summer! We have so many fun things planned!

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