Friday, June 26, 2015

Ella's First Temple Trip

Ella could not WAIT to attend the temple for the first time to do baptisms for the dead!
She had always hopped to go on her 12th birthday, but it just didn't work out.
So less then a week after turning 12 she met with the Bishopric and got her recommend!

Finally the day had come! We were all ready, but due to everyone else going to a wedding reception they were all running behind.
In my hurry I even forgot to pick up my Dad! My Mom who was just meeting us there had to run and get him. So glad we live so close!

A lot of Ella's friends aren't 12 yet, so it was fun to have her/my cousin Maisy come along who just turned 12 last month.

Ryan and I couldn't be more proud of Ella! Who she is and what she does.

As soon as I walked in the temple doors all of the hustle and bustle outside washed away.
I loved watching first Jacob baptize my our Dad for his Dad! It was a really neat experience.
After all my Dad said was, I think he excepted it.
Then my Dad baptized Jacob for several other great grandparents and relatives.
Then it was Ryan's turn as he baptized Ella for her great grandmother. 
I'm so happy for Ella and grateful for her testimony and faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
It was a wonderful evening and I hope that Ella never forgets it.

The whole group who came to support Ella and also to do service in the temple.

It is my hope that Ella will want to come her often and remember the feelings she had tonight.

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