Thursday, November 19, 2015

Jack's 8th Birthday Party

Even though Jack's birthday is about a week away, we went to celebrate with him and his class at school. Not sure if having a birthday over Thanksgiving break is a good thing or a bad thing.

He hates attention.. or does he?

 That afternoon when he got home from school we let him open just one present.

 A new shirt to wear to his birthday party.

 With so much going on I hired my Sister Bizzy to plan and organize the party.
She did such a great job, thinking of every little detail.
I'm so grateful for her and all of her hard work!

 Everyone got a light saber and a personalized goodie bag!

 I believe this is his second Star Wars party, he can't help it, he loves it!

 We started with lots of pizza and yummy snacks.
Sweet Ryan, Joseph (Leo) and Blake

 Then it was time for the pinata! 
Jack really wanted one, even though I didn't feel like it really went with the theme of the party.


 Ryan was able to find this really cool Jedi training video.
Everyone ready to become a Jedi!

 The little girls had so much fun, even with all of those big boys around.

 Ryan (The Jedi Master) helped the boys 

 Then they had to put their skills to work!

 After a long Jedi training it was time for cake!
(Hey look, I'm actually in a picture!)

 He's so weird, he sings along to his own birthday song.

 He had seen that big Chewy at Costco and wanted it so bad.

 He has always wanted a rode, thanks Sami and Tyler!

 Jack, Tatum, Blake, Carson, Joseph and Lukas

 Will, Jet, Preston, Leo, William and Ryan

 Oops, didn't quite fit.

These girls, two peas in a pod.. or two girls in an R2D2...
It was a great party! I was so glad that we were able to give Jack such a wonderful party!

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