Sunday, November 15, 2015


After church, after family pictures for Mom and Dad.. we still decided to go up the canyon and see if there was somewhere to go sledding.
We took a couple wrong turns and it kind of took forever, but we finally found somewhere that looked fun.
Grandpa tested it out and said we were good to go.

Thank you Neinah for saving Lila's life....

Don't start a snowball fight you can't win..

Lilly and Lila were kind of scared to go down the first time

But they both got over it pretty quickly

I was shocked when Mom said she wanted to go down... Not really her thing

Looks like she enjoyed it :)

Again, again Grandpa!

Jack got into a little trouble for always being in the way and not letting other people have a turn.
So the pout started..

Sidesaddle sledding?

No idea how many times Lilly went down, more then anyone else that's for sure

Since my Mom was brave enough I thought I better try.
Ryan's too crazy to trust him on stuff like this.

The Dad's thought they would try and see if they could make it all the way down to the river.
And they just about did.

Still pouting..

Love Lilly's face!

I guess we should take our kids sledding more then once every three years.
This was Lilly and Lila's first time really.
What a fun day, now it's late and I'm going to bed.

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