Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November Happenings

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT drop a can of black beans on your toe.. and then do it again like a week later. What happens is more painful and gross to go into.. Lets just say you don't want to peek under that blue tape.
Lets hope it heals fast.. and I have a toe nail when I'm done.

Lila loves dance and I love watching her. I love her teacher, she's always doing such fun and creative things with the girls.

My sweet Lilly.. Love that little smile.

And then their is this one.. always trying to steal the spotlight!

My dreams have come true! I love the matchy matchy. It will be a sad day when they don't want to match each other anymore..

What Lila's supposed to be learning in dance...

Lila has become so funny lately!

Lila found a flashlight. She kept walking around flashing it on the walls and the ceiling until she came upon a little piece of paper on the carpet. She ran to it and called to me "I found a clue!" She then examined this tiny piece of paper for several minutes before running off to find other "clues".

Sometimes we got to Cedar Hills story time, but Lila is so naughty, it's super hard. She always has to be the one to pick the songs and stories.

After dealing with my stupid front tooth for like seriously 13 years, I finally just had it capped.
Such a difference! Why didn't I do this like 10 years ago!

Seriously... this kid..

Getting ready for bed.. nope!
But their skin is going to be baby soft for a long time.

My Dad is the best.. he heard that we were all under the weather so he came over and made us some yummy soup. So thankful for this guy! (It was so good!)

After week and weeks for time in rehearsals it was finally the night of Ella's big play!
She played the part of one of the dressmakers who helps Mulan. She even had a little musical solo, which she killed!
So proud of our girl and her hard work and dedication!

After we all went to celebrate with Chinese! Get it, because she was in Mulan!
It's also one of her favorites.

Lilly's good friend Cindy finally had the courage to come and play at our house for a little bit. She's such a sweet girl and we are so blessed and lucky to have such wonderful friends and neighbors.

See Ella.. ^..................................................................................................
We had our wards youth talent show.
I had to do a little dance with the other young women's leaders.
I might have thrown up a little in the bathroom before going out.
I am so NOT a performer.
Ella did great, acting out a little skit she helped write.
We have a lot of talent in our ward, but mostly in the Bishopric lip-sync category.

Since Ryan wasn't able to make it to her earlier performances, we will all thrilled he was able to make it closing night and with some pretty flowers for our girl.
Next time.. Hairspray!

After holding off forever, I finally go snapchat.. The girls loves playing with all of the filters.

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