Sunday, November 8, 2015

Family Pictures 2015

Family Pictures are the best day and the worst day...
It's so hard to get everyone organized and ready.. no spills on your clothes.. no dipping the tips of your hair into the sink while trying to brush your teeth.. 
But then I get cute images like these that I will cherish forever.

Lila is the feistiest of our children. One second she can be the cutest, sweetest baby and the next second she can be screaming at the top of her lungs.
She loves to give kisses and hugs and is always so excited when Daddy comes home.
She is the perfect end to a good run. So glad she's our baby.

Our Lilly is the sneakiest of the children.. always trying to get away with something.
Mostly just stealing candy from the pantry or an ipad into her bed at night.
But she loves her family. She loves when we are all together.
She loves special Mommy daughter time. She's super creative and so smart.
Jack is our moody kid.
He always has so much anxiety. He's social with people he knows wells, but is more often shy.
At almost 8 years old he shouldn't be throwing fits, but sometimes he does.
He's also the most obedient. He always wants to do what's right and has such a strong testimony of the gospel. If you ever need help with anything, he's your man. As the only boy in our family he feels a lot of pressure to be a good boy. So glad to have him.

Ella is almost a teenager. Some of that teenager attitude has started coming through.
Mostly in huffing around when asked to do something.. like homework.
But she is always will to help around the house and with her younger brothers and sisters.
She never wants to disappoint Ryan and I. She is a loyal friend.
I hope that she never changes.

Doesn't everyone start out with happy smiles and dreams of getting that ice cream cone after pictures are done.. but by the end everything is forced and I find myself threatening to take said ice cream away...

The one of the right.. that's more realistic. Maybe next year we'll just send out a card like that..

Love all of these kiddies!
They give me purpose and so much love.
I've never been so grateful to be anything as much as I'm grateful to be their mother.

This guy has to put up with a lot,, work, kids and... me.
But I know that he does all of it because he loves me and our family.

Merry Christmas everyone!
(Coming to your mailbox soon!)

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