Monday, December 8, 2014

Alpine Live Nativity

Last year we weren't able to make it to the Nativity, so I really wanted to go this year.
Jack had been talking about it for days!
It wasn't too cold and unlike the last time we went it wasn't pouring rain!

Lisa and Tiffany and some of their kids met us there.

They had lots of camels, horses and cows.

Ella really enjoyed harassing the guards....

After waiting in a long, long line we made it into the barn/market place. 
Lots of people doing/making things from Christ's time on the earth.

And more animals. Lila loves bunny's!

This one camel started acting kind of aggressive. He got VERY close to Lila!
She was so brave- look at that stare!
(Thanks Tiffy for holding her!)

More bunnies!!

The ducks were stinky...

Back outside the wise men told us about the coming on Christ. 

Nice one Ry...

After waiting all night, it was finally our turn....

It's so thought provoking.. to see such a sweet family and think of Christ being born and what a blessing to the world it truly is.

On our way out we got some hot cocoa.. who needs hands?

So happy I could bring my children and remind them what Christmas is really about.

It was also fun to hang out with these ladies ;)

Lila insisted on walking all the way back to the car. Time to go home!

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