Thursday, December 11, 2014

Temple Square

With Utah having such an unseasonably warm fall and winter.. the cold is bound to hit.
But before it does, we decided to go and see the lights at Temple Square.
One of my most favorite things to do at Christmas time.

With so many helpers, Lila just jumped from one Aunt to an Uncle and back again. 
She loved it!
I did get confusing though.. I had to keep checking.. who has who now?!
Such a happy baby!!

Our little group.

Lilly pretty much didn't leave those shoulders. She had the best view of all!

Little Rosie! She looked so cute all bundled up!

It's so fun to see Bizzy and her family!

The night we were there they were practicing for the Christmas concert.
We got to sit in the tabernacle and watch what was happening live in the conference center!

Lila really thought it was fun to see the sesame street characters.

The reason for the season.
Any chance I have to teach my children the true reason we are celebrating!

Dad's always got to check on the fish :)

After we needed a little snack.
Lilly and Jet were being SO silly!

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