Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Vacation

The whole week after Christmas I was so sick I hardly got out of bed.. it was miserable!

Ryan tried to keep up with the house and the cooking.
He even made everyone a nice big breakfast.. once he figured out that pancakes are more then flour and water :)

Mary and Kevin hung out a bunch with their sweet kiddies

(I think that Ella has too many shampoos) 

The night before Aaron and Jamie flew home we all got together to play games. 
I'm so predictable! Aaron was able to guess everyone's answer on his first try!

One evening I was feeling well enough that we all decided to go out to eat.
Wasn't it just 60 degrees? At least it's Christmasy and pretty!

Harvey really liked it.

Nice face Kevin

Not one who likes clutter, I took everything down before new years.
This was the last of Christmas, until next year!

There was still some little Christmas things left over.. :)

Merry Christmas, my back window got shattered.. NOT FUN.

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