Saturday, December 6, 2014

Lucia Program

There were THREE major accidents on our way up to Salt Lake! I thought I was going to lose my mind! We were wanting to get there an hour early and we ended up getting there on time...

I am Swedish! My Dad's Mother is a full Swede.
When my cousin told me about a Lucia program in Salt Lake I HAD to go!
The kids were so excited. They know a lot of our Swedish heritage as we celebrate some of the major Swedish holidays. My sweet Grandma loves her heritage and always sends up wonderful packages filled with neat things from Sweden. My kids even call her "Grandma Swedish"!

When we first got there we went to a little market they were having, filled with all things Sweden.
I had so many things already- Thank you Grandma Swedish!

Then we went inside and found our seats for the program.
We had some treats while we waited.

My parents were there, as was Sami and several of my cousins.

I was sad that Ryan wasn't able to go! He had to work, but he said he can't wait to go next year!

My cousin helped with the children's part of the program. They all sang some Christmas songs in Swedish. I loved their costumes!! I might have my kids in the program next year!

We sang some songs and listened so a choir. 
Even though I didn't understand many words, it was still beautiful.

Then it was time for the Lucia procession.
They used REAL candles!
It was so beautiful! I loved the Lucia song.

This is about when Lila really started freaking out and I had to go out into the hall. 
I guess the good part of that was a better view down the isle.

It's such a neat tradition. I loved being there and celebrating something that's been done for 200 hundred years. 

When it as over we just hung out and talked for a little while. Lilly was so excited to see her friend Sirri! I love that little headband that Sami made for Gemma! Tyler's Dad is Swedish and they all attended as well.
It was a great night! I wish that Lila would have behaved better, but it was well worth it!
Now we wait for actual Lucia day this weekend to Celebrate again!

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