Saturday, December 13, 2014

Making Gingerbread Houses

I found this little onsie and thought it was too funny not to get!
She was a little afraid of that big nutcracker at first.

My sweet Santa baby!

My Mom had the playmobil nativity and the kids love it!

Jack was SO excited!!
For Lilly there was just as much eating as there was decorating.

Ella's was a work in progress, but in the end she decided to go for a brick house look.

Seriously, he LOVED decorating.

Mom, Neinah, Jacob and Sami all made houses too.

I helped Lila decorate for bit.

She loved it for about a minute and then just wanted to eat everything.

Poor Neinah, she loves Lila and wants to hold her.. but Lila wont have it.
We thought that candy might help, but it only worked for a few minutes... Sorry Nein




She might throw up later.....

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