Monday, December 22, 2014

Ugly Sweater Party 2014

The annual ugly sweater party was a complete success! 
Mary and I were tying to compete with Anna and Chloe's selfie.

If we had a prize for hair, Neinah would have won! 
I got a smile out of Scarlett!!
Rosie is still so small, she's a month old but still as tiny as my newborns!

What's a party without a TON of treats!?

We had a great turnout this year again.

Lilly LOVES her cousin Sirri!

Aaron and Jamie made it to the party this year. I loved Aaron's sweater, so appropriate!
(I'm going to have to ugly sweater shop on amazon too nexy year!)
Brielle wanted her picture taken too!

Jacob and Bizzy performed again.

There were not enough chairs..

Then it was ugly sweater judging time. 

The winners!! Men- Aaron. Women- Abby and children- Gema
(Benny wanted to win)
Abby was so proud!!
Then it was time for presents.
I hope Tyler wears that cat/sponge-bob shirt!
Ella totally took that unicorn picture home and has it hanging on her wall.
Love Bizzy's face!

Tubby man couldn't stay awake.. he slept with the babies.

Jack opened these pajamas. The look of disappointment...
One of my favorites were the cat gloves, especially since Neinah was the one who got them!

The newest members of the Orr family

Until next year.....

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