Monday, December 15, 2014


Our favorite place to see Santa is at the Riverwoods in Provo. Mostly because they will let me take pictures with my camera!
We got there just as it got dark. Lila napped and tried to stay warm. It's been colder the last couple of days, but still no snow.

Sami, Blake and Adam came with their families.

The little girls were really fascinated by the horses!

They have free carriage rides.

Then it was Santa time! Coopy was the only sad one.

So sweet that Chyler wanted to give Santa a hug!
(My Uncle pointed out that you can see passed Santa's gloves to some tattoos!)
Santa 2014- no criers! 

We also have to go check out the toy store!
Lila loved these two stuffed animals. I can't wait to see if Santa will bring her one of them ;)

We were there for what seemed like forever. So many fun things to see.
As we were getting ready to leave.. where was Lilly!?!?!............

Sitting in the photo booth!!!
That stinker!

Ella needed to take a picture with this bookshelf.
And another thing is checked off of our before Christmas list!! It's getting close now!!

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