Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's Almost Christmas

While out driving we saw "Santa's reindeer"!
The kids thought that was pretty cool. Jack really thought they MUST be Santa's!

Taking both little girls with me to my doctors appointment was a huge mistake!
I keep thinking.. in another month my life will slow down.. in two weeks I'll take a break.. I'll have more time after the holidays.. but in reality, I've decided my life is never going to slow down.

After my doctors appointment the little girls and I ran to the grocery store. Lilly saw this donut and HAD to have it! It was bigger then her face!

What do your kids do while you're waiting in the longest line ever at the post office???

Mine LOVED playing in all of the empty mailboxes!
They were actually pretty entertaining and ever got some chuckles out of the cranky old ladies in line.

Ryan and I took all of the young women caroling. Perfect way to bring in the reason for the season!
(I love Jack and Lilly's heads in the back window)

Someone had a sideways smile after a trip to the dentist this week.

Lilly was so nice to share her brownie with Lila. It was a not so nice surprise for me to find as I went to get her out of the car....

We had some special Christmas visitors this week!
Aaron and Jamie came out for the holidays after all!
They hadn't planned on coming since Jamie JUST had a baby! But I'm sure glad they did!
Lucy was hiding in the presents to scary people.

Jamie was wrapping some last minute presents for her families Christmas party.
Jack had to try on the cheese head!

I got to meet sweet little Elenora! She's so chubby and squishy!
I loved cuddling with her all day.

Mary and Kevin came too!!
Lila LOVES Scarlett!

Poor tired baby. So much going on this week!

Sometimes everyone needs a bath at the same time..

Lilly helped me deliver my last gifts for the year to my visiting teaching families!
I'm officially ready!

This was NOT how we wanted to spend Christmas vacation!
Poor Jack had been coughing for what seemed like forever. The doctor was worried he had pneumonia, but he didn't- thank goodness!
I'm afraid this is going to be a sick Christmas for our family.

I LOVE getting Christmas cards!!
I love, love, love them!
Thank you to everyone who sent one this year!

While waiting to go to our ward Christmas party Jack decided that he wanted to take some pictures..
Ella all ready to be a shepherd.
He was a little short.. trying to take a picture of his ornament for the year- a huge Santa head!

And of course Chris mouse!

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