Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lucia Day

We were all looking forward to Lucia day this year. I ironed all of the girls dresses and made the Lucia buns. Neinah especially wanted to celebrate!
We all gathered at my parents house for dinner of Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes! It was SO good! 

After dinner the kids got all ready upstairs as everyone waited with anticipation.
Ella's a pro by now. Lilly took her job very seriously!

Finally Jack came down!! What the heck was taking so long?? He told me that at the Lucia program that the boys came in much later than the girls... :)

Lila wasn't going to make it down the stairs, but she posed for pictures with the other kids.

Lila just wanted to lick the candle..

Baby Gemma is Swedish on her fathers, fathers side, so they celebrated with us too!

Ella preformed her duties perfectly.

Although the buns didn't turn out quite as traditionally as I hoped, they were still yummy.

Ella also served eggnog to everyone

The kids had so much fun! I love that we are keeping our family traditions alive!

My Grandmother Farmor sent us a big package to open on Lucia day.
It was filled with toys from her generation. 
The kids loved it!! What a special treat!

We spent the rest of the evening playing with all of the different toys. Even the big kids!

I like to add to my matching obsession! All of the little ladies in their matching jammies!

Lila just wants to kiss Gemma!

As Lila was playing (With the nativity I played with as a child!) I thought I heard her singing...

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