Monday, December 8, 2014

First Week in December

The best part of the first week in December is all of the leftovers!
I think that with so many years of our little family being alone for Thanksgiving, we felt like we needed to have another little one. Just our little family.

Sadly this is the ONLY picture I took at Jake's Birthday party!
John, Tiffany, Lisa, Jake, Ryan and I all got together to play games.
We played pictionary and this is what Tiffany drew that had Lisa and I stumped! 
After thinking about it, I see

Ella and Paige made up this terrible song.. they think they are so funny!
Our wedding anniversary was on Sunday. 
Since we couldn't really go out that day I made Ryan a little scavenger hunt around the house to find some of his favorite treats.

A perfect pile of snacks at the end of a long fast Sunday!

Since it was the first of December and our Christmas tree was up, that meant that Chris Mouse came!
His first night here he made a mess of the kids bathroom mirror!

All of the kids had check ups this month.. we have already met our deductible, so why not get their yearly check ups!?
Jack at 7 years old- Weight 48.5 Pounds (37%) and Height- 48 inches (51%)
He was just happy he didn't need any shots this time!
Just a couple days later it was Lilly's turn!
Lilly's check up- still a tiny girl! 27 pounds (10th%) and 37.5 inches (43rd%) other then being skinny she's as healthy as can be!

I usually have matching wrapping paper.. or only use one design.. This year I changed it up with several. I love wrapping presents!

Sometimes when I'm out driving around Lilly will see something and want me to take a picture of it.
This time I just so happened to be in a position to do that when she saw an Ultralight.

I love how Lila says "yeah".. even if she has a cheese-it in her mouth.

THIS is how I have been waking up all week!
With Lila's head in my back. I sure hope that molar comes in this week!
I found Jack and his friend Will in a little fort they made out by the pond. They were having snacks and watching a movie on Jack's Kindle. Later Jack ran in to tell me he sold two golf balls, for a dollar each to some golfers passing by! Totally made his day!

Big Red isn't working so well. It broke down on Ryan... again. It might be time to let her go.
At least I got to see this pretty sunset on my way to pick him up.

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