Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jack's crib

Well since we have been thinking that we were going to be moving soon after Jack was born we have waited to put up his crib- Thinking that by the time we moved he would be ready for it. But things have taken longer, as they sometimes do and so I couldn't wait any longer! I have had his cute bedding in my closet since I found out that he was a boy! I think it looks so cute! I couldn't pull the changing table/dresser up the stairs so that will have to wait for Ryan to have the time. I have been using the changing pad on the other guest bed this whole time anyways. I had to post a picture of his name that I made because I thought that it had turned out pretty cute. His room isn't finished, I still need to hang up pictures and get him a shelf, but it's better then nothing for now! My big boy in his crib, he fits in it so much better then his bassinet! (Thank you to Grandma Bailey for his mobile and to Lisa for his quilt!)

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Andre, Melissa & Jolie said...

I Love his "JACK" letters they are so cute! Did you make them? His room is so cute! It must be so fun that he is laughing and doing all the fun things now!

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