Wednesday, March 26, 2008

4 Months Old!

I thought that it was so cute, while folding clothes on the floor all I could see were his tiny little feet sticking up!

Today Jackson is 4 months old! I can't believe it! He's such a big boy!

Here are some things that he has learned over the past couple of weeks!


He finally laughed for me 2 days ago! I was so happy! It's still not the double over kind of laughter, just a good chuckle. It was so sweet, I wish that I had been able to get it on video.

Baby food

Today we tried giving Jack some baby food, this time he figured out how to swallow it and I think that he really liked it. He ate the whole bowl! We are going to start giving him some at least once a day. We need to get some more meat on his bones!

Rolling over

He's become very good and rolling from his tummy to his back. Every morning while I'm getting ready for the day I lay him on the floor near the bathroom so he can see me. He always rolls over, I then put him back on his tummy, it's kind of like a game.

Baby Talk

He is getting so good at his baby talk. Ella thinks that he sounds like a little lion cub sometimes. He's become so noisy- especially in church. He's always got a lot to say!


He has started drooling SO bad! Ella did the same thing. After about an hour without a bib his shirt is dripping wet. He loves to chew on my hand, or his hand, anything that he can get into his mouth! He's starting to bite so hard too! I'm just waiting for that little white spec to show up any day!


Over just the past couple of days he's started reaching for things- especially the TV remote! He loves it, he loves touching all of the buttons. It's so fun that he has become interested in rattles and baby toys. He's even started grabbing at his toes! The other night Ryan and the kids were waiting in the car for me and Ryan gave Jack a news paper ad- he loved it! I can't wait for holidays with wrapping paper!
We are so grateful for our little man, we are so glad that he's ours!


Jackson Family said...

so cute! I just read all the stuff he has learned he is getting so big! I remember when Kaylee learned all of that its so much fun! And he does need meet on his bones so Kaylee doesnt look like such a chunk! lol

Brynn said...

He is so cute! I love how smiley he is in all the pictures!

mom said...

WOW, He looks like you, Rachel! He has your BIG smile. I have a big smiley photo of you at the same age.

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