Monday, March 24, 2008

Day Before Easter

What a day. We had a lot going on. We started by going to our wards Easter breakfast. Ella had seen a big Easter bunny at Cost-co a few weeks back and had been really afraid. This time she told me that she could be brave. He was very nice and was even handing out candy. Then we were off to karate for Ella to move up to an official Orange belt, but we got there too late! We are never late, I don't know what happened. (Now they are going to do it on Tuesday.) We then drove down to Mapleton to a super fun Easter egg hunt! We've gone with Lisa and Paige the last two years! Ella got to ride a horse, go on an Easter egg hunt, get her face painted, pet animals, play carnival games and ride on a very bumpy, fast hay ride! She and Paige went on it like 10 times! They had a blast!
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