Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Last Half of June

My sweet husband! He knew I was home cleaning and packing (it being only 10 days until our move) while he was off having fun dirt bike riding that he surprised me with these beautiful flowers!
Lila's sort of first "word" uh oh!!

I'm out of her sight for two seconds and she freaks out!

My brother in law Kreighton was in California for work and stopped by my childhood home!
This little sidewalk was where many secrets and Polly Pockets were shared.
Our old house. This is where I loved from ages 6-13.
Those trees were so tiny when I was little.
I loved that house!

Here we are on a Christmas morning
Adam, Dad, Me, Sarah and Aaron
See!! Those trees were tiny!
Playing dress up
Sarah, Krista, Emily and me!

Kreighton also got to see my Grandparents and cousin Tristan!
It makes me want to go out there for a visit so bad!

One of the things I appreciate most about Ryan as a Father is his example of hard work. He has already taught Jack so much about mechanics and general handiness. Jack has become such a resourceful little man.
Lilly told me "Mom I just need to dance!" I think it had something to so with her finding some ballet slippers. Apparently dancing also involves a  lot of jumping.

Another day at Seven peaks!!
Happy Birthday to Paige!! I remember the day she was born so well- especially since I was there for it! Lisa and I always said we both wanted to have girls and that they would grow up to be friends just like us! Well, we did and they really are!
All the girls! They are all so grown up!
The little girls

Jack and Preston didn't want us to take their pictures. Stinkers!

World cup! Go USA!
Thank you to Ryan and Adam for all of their help! Only three more days until the move!
Adam! He's not too bad. I hope Ryan doesn't decide to try this now!

My sweet sleepy baby
Some more of Lila's first steps

She will be walking by her birthday for sure!

Lila loves to swing! She never wanted to stop.
It's going to be so nice to live close to this fun park!
Happy Birthday to Mom and Bizzy! I'm so glad I got to share your day with you both!

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