Monday, June 9, 2014

Ella's 11 Birthday Party (Harry Potter)

With our move coming up in a little over two weeks, I decided to throw Ella's birthday party a little early, which works even better since it was a surprise.
Ella LOVES Harry Potter. Especially since it's her ELEVENTH birthday! All she wanted for her birthday was a trip to Orlando to the new Harry Potter theme park. Not asking for much right? 
Since that was most defiantly NOT happening I thought I would try and do the next best thing.
Again, with everything crazy around here lately, I was happy that the night before I was able to pull everything together!

We decided to have a Honey Dukes station with all of Ella's favorite candy

Sami suggested that Jack dress up as Dobby. Reluctantly he did.
Last night Ella stayed over at Sami's since Maisy just so happened to be in town ;)

Ryan is such a great Dad and Husband! He helped make everything, including a ton of these Golden snitches. Everything was ready!
Finally Ella arrived!!
The letter of acceptance from Hogwarts!
Through the brick wall- SURPRISE!!

Ella had told me over and over that she hoped that her friend Mason from school would be able to come to her party. Happily, he made it!!
Everyone got some Harry Potter glasses and checked out the candy.
Then everyone took a test to see who knew their Harry Potter characters the best. I'm pretty sure it was a tie between Sami, Neinah and Abby.
Time for the sorting hat! Everyone took a survey to see which house they would be in.
Jack was less then pleased to join Hufflepuff. Unlike Ryan who was thrilled!

Ella hoped to be the same as Harry and she was.
Mason was thrilled to join Slytherin!
Time to catch all of the golden snitches!
Time for presents!

She got all of the Harry Potter books and movies, some clothes, art supplies, Lego's and much more!
Harry "Ryan" Potter
I should have made the exact cake.. oh well.

Nice video job Ryan.. Why do I keep letting him do it!?

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