Sunday, June 15, 2014

First Half of June

What's cuter than a little girl wearing a romper? TWO little girls wearing rompers!
We are so excited that my sister Elizabeth, Tyler, Jet and Leo moved to Utah!!
We went out to McDonald's to celebrate!
It will be so fun having these guys around more!
I'm just sitting watching Jack when I turn around to see Lila standing! 
I'm so not ready for this!

She's getting better and stronger! Before we know it she will be walking everywhere!

I only got a video of Jack's game this week. He hates it. It's just too boring for him and everyone else on his team is so young.

It's nice to sit on the grass and enjoy the evenings though.. and the view.
It's so warm now, we went swimming at Sami and Tyler's.
First swimming day of the year!!
These were the only pictures I took. So cute in her little sun bonnet. 
Packing is in full swing. Three more weeks!

First trip to Seven Peaks of the year!! So happy summers here!
Time and time again this happens.... Lisa and I like to dress our kids matching.. even when we don't know it!
I was worried how it would go with these two little ones. Good thing my Mom came to help!
Sometimes you just need a baba...
Lilly has started trying to say the dialog along with her favorite movies.
This time it was "Monsters University"

So fun having Bizzy and Tyler around! Everyone moving to Utah, I love it!!
With summer here Adam and Ryan have started trying to fix up Dad's boat. 
So far, with no luck. I thought it was funny that they happened to be matching.
Sometimes this is how our day goes......
Sometimes a trip to Walmart can lead to shirts you wish you got for your birthday and rides on scooters!
Well, after much, much looking Ryan has ordered the kids some ATV's.
The kids could not be more thrilled. While I'm a little apprehensive.
We got all of their "gear" and they are ready to ride.
Jack had to test out his cool new stuff on his little Jeep.
Note to self: He can't see through his goggles.
Another trip to Seven Peaks!!
Lila loves the water and isn't at all afraid..
These silly kids!

I don't think that 11 month old babies should be able to do this on their own.. yet somehow she did.

Lila is my wild girl!

Happy Sunday from my little ladies!
Look at that huge mess!! She's learned how to throw things off of her tray. Great.

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