Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fathers Day

After church we went over to my parents house to open gifts.
Jack was so excited, especially since he and Ella picked out his gift all on their own.
Jack's face says it all.
A car washing kit.
Why does every get together have to involve things like this?
Dad's turn.
Since Mom had such a great Mothers day, we couldn't disappoint Dad.
I'm so thankful for my Dad. He tells me he loves me everyday and I know he means it. He is always happy to see me and misses me if we even go a day without seeing each other now.
He's the most loving man I've ever known. I know that he would do absolutely anything for me and my family.
I'm so lucking to be his daughter.

The pressure washer he wanted!
Adam was trying to ruin my pictures by being creepy.. you see him?

My sweet kids with their Father.

These last few are a little more true to life.. 
From the first day that I met Ryan I knew that he would be a great Dad someday. I'm so thankful for his example of hard work and perseverance. Most of all I'm thankful for his humor, he always keeps me laughing! Love you Ryan!
All I wanted were some cute pictures of my little girls in their Sunday dresses..
Apparently that was too much to ask..

Of course Lilly will always model for me. Such a little diva!

Grandma tried to help, but these were the best I could get of Lila.. another time.
After dinner we met up with the Whittaker family and drove up the canyon. It's Sunday!

Grandpa with some of his Grand-kids on Fathers day. (Lila was sleeping)
Bizzy brought him a very special Father day gift.
But... he was old and didn't really get it.. until Mom looked...
Bizzy's having a GIRL!
So excited for her and Tyler! Can't wait to meet little Rosie!
Jacob loves getting caught by the camera..
A LOT......
Such a nice day, with such a nice weather.

Lilly and Jack especially loved running around with all of their cousins.
Mom and Dad soaked up every second with their dearest friends.
Boys being boys.. trying to pull a log out of the river.
Happy Fathers day!

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