Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ella is Officially 11

It's true, I am officially the Mother of an 11 year old.
These girls (all three of them) only get together once a year.
It's always so much fun! I know that all of them look forward to it so much!
It's also fun that it usually happens over Ella's birthday!

While the girls play upstairs, the little ones and I watch movies with candy downstairs!

Hours later and they have hardly moved...
Check out last year HERE!
The next morning, or afternoon rather. After these girls finally work up. We all went and got some breakfast/lunch at one of Ella's favorites Ihop!
It was funny that by coincidence it was our servers birthday too!
Her name was Isabel- a name we almost chose for Ella too!
These boys are such good buddies now too! They are so cute together.

Ella got a special treat! 

That evening we drove up the canyon for dinner with more cousins.
It was nice to catch up with Uncle Jared and Sara. (Emma's  Mom and Dad)

They were all in town for a wrestling match for Hunter. 
Sadly he was injured pretty badly and will have to take some time off...

Oreo cake, a favorite!
Ella with two of her best buds!

Ella is 11. I don't know what I would do without her. I'm so proud of her and the wonderful young women she's becoming. Love you Belly-bug!!
Happy Birthday!

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