Friday, December 20, 2013

Ugly Sweater Party 2013

This year we had our party at my Mom and Dad's.
Mom's tree is pretty spectacular this year!
Let the festivities begin! Sami suggested that it not only be an ugly sweater party, but also include festive pajamas!

All of the "singles"
 Samuel and Francesca
That's not a bowling ball in there!
Justin (love him looking off into nothing) and Angela AND Andrew and "friend"
While Tyler rocked an amazing beard, Sami kept it light with some snoopy PJ's.
John and Tiffany planned ahead and ordered matching pink bunny jammies! Classic!
Mary and Kevin got the whole family into the spirit with ugly sweaters. Including one for Scarlett they took off of a Teddy bear!

WOW. That's all I had to say.
Ryan and I have been wearing the same sweaters for years, I think we need to figure out something new for next year.

Lisa has always been merry and bright.. she took that to a new level this year.
Abby, Alissa, Seth and Highland all were warm and comfy.
Scarlett was less then entertained, where the rest of us got a good kick out of Cass and Andrew's home made sweaters!

John makes such a beautiful Mrs. Clause

There was lots and lots of food!

We played some games and chatted

Lisa and Angela were so fun to watch, they really got into the games, which made it that much more fun!

It was so fun to have ALL of the Whittaker family at the party!
They are in town for Christmas and all stopped by to join the festivities
With just about everyone at the party that didn't leave too many babysitters.
So the kids just kind of ran around :)

That fat pumpkin baby!

Best friends for over 30 years!
Then it was the most fun part of the evening- opening the white elephant gifts!
Tyler opened Ryan's- a gold framed (with a light) holographic picture of Jesus. Ryan bought it almost a year ago and has been saving it in his closet! Tyler Whittaker opened my favorite gift- Poopuri! Perfect gift Angela!! I also loved Ryan's machete and Sami's female urinal!
There were so many amazing gifts, Lisa got some baked beans and gas-ex!
Mary made this rocket backpack herself ;)

I thought Dad was going to throw up he was laughing so hard when Ryan opened his gift!
It's a hanger for bra's! Dad picked it out all on his own

I love that Kevin got a book titled "What husband's expect of wives"
The winner of the ugliest sweater went to Cody- with a chicken shooting through his body!

It was such a loud, crazy, funny, entertaining night! I can't wait for next year!!
It was getting late, but everyone had to stay a little longer....

To hear Jeff's amazing story.
It had to do with prom, his date and pooping on the sidewalk. 

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