Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Day After Christmas

I love that Mary had a baby about the same time as me! 
Matching outfits is a must for cousins!
Such sweet girls!
Today we just hung out at Mom and Dad's.
Jack was out on the Jeep, giving the smaller kids rides. There was a little line at the door waiting to go out.
It's always fun to try on all of your new outfits :)
Ryan gave me a card of cash for Christmas AND a new camera.
Mary and Kevin went with us to the outlets, where I picked up this new bag.
It was a total steal!
We then used our gift cards to get lunch at McDonald's. 
Mom and Dad always give the kids gift cards for happy meals.
Mom also made each child a pillow case out of fabric that would be special to them.
Harvey had a meltdown in the parking lot.....
It was ok, Kevin got him

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