Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas morning! The kids actually slept in pretty late :)

We knew that Jacob would call and skype sometime that day, but it just so happened to be right before we let the kids down stairs. So the mean parents that we are, made them wait.
We all talked to Jacob for a while and then Mom and Dad alone.
He looks happy here, but to be honest, the conversation didn't go well.
Poor Jacob, isn't doing very well out on his mission right now.
He was hoping that after he got to Brazil that things would be better, but they just aren't.
We'll have to wait and see how things go over the next couple of weeks.
Love you Jacob!

After waiting so patiently we finally released the children!
Ryan's not the best with the video

To say they were thrilled would be an understatement!
 Ella got the American Girl doll- Molly. Jack got the huge Darth Vader and a Kindle and Lilly got a cute make up table. Lila's a baby and doesn't care about Santa. Next year...
The best surprise of all was Jack's Jeep! He was so excited!! He's always wanted one.
It was for Lilly too, although she was a little less excited. I don't think she really knew what it was.

It even has a working radio ;)

Time to get out the stockings!

I love how Lilly loves things

Then it was time for PRESENTS! 
Mom always thinks that Dad's like, going to forget about Christmas and presents or something.
He usually manages to do a good job.

Although Lilly has lots of princess dress-ups, she see's Jack dressing up as a super hero and wants to be one too.


Ella loves little women and paper dolls

The presents just kept coming.....

He couldn't wait

More dress-ups!
Jack really wanted Lego's!
Ella got tons of new things for her American Girl dolls
Ryan surprisingly got several kitchen gadgets

I love Harvey's face!

Mom and Dad were nice enough to watch the baby most of the morning.
Between me with the camera and Ryan having to deal with the constant demands of opening boxes and putting things together
Sami and Tyler have always liked our bed, with out huge foam topper.
So for all of their years of service to our family, we got them one too.

I think that Sami was happy about it.
The only picture of me on Christmas

Neinah got a pizza box, with a clock in it

Lilly got Elsa and Anna Barbie dolls, her favorite!

Jack had seen that jacket at Target and wanted it so badly.
We have read almost all of the "little house" books. I would read to the kids every night. They were so excited to get "Farmer boy" the next in the series.

Lots of babies!

Ryan always picks out one special gift for each child every year (since I'm the one who does all of the shopping) this year he got Ella this nice purse.

Every single Harry Potter movie

Preston has a big fire truck and Jack has always wanted one

I wonder what it is? Oh yeah, she's been playing with it for weeks!
Neinah is getting Ella into Dr. Who..

Best Christmas Anna and Neinah have ever had! They were pretty surprised to see that they got Kindles just like Jack!


This is about when things started getting embarrassing.
My kids were totally SPOILED this year!

The final gifts to open.
We saved the best for last. The BIG gifts from Ryan and I.
Jack got the new Skylanders that he wanted so badly!
Ella got a karaoke machine.. I can hear her and Maisy singing their hearts out already!
And Lilly got a bunch of things for her baby dolls
It took hours, but was so much fun!
All of the months of shopping, planning, wrapping all over, just like that :)
Of course Jack couldn't wait to get his Jeep outside to try out!
I think that some people must be naturals at driving and Jack must be one of them.
I didn't think he would know how to back up properly...

Lilly liked being a passenger best

The rest of the afternoon we ate and ate some more.
Mom, Neinah, Mary and Kevin all helped make this gingerbread house- all from scratch!

The kids napped and played with their new toys.

Later that night we got out Ella's new Karaoke machine....

It was a HUGE hit!

Jack who is normally deathly shy was putting on quite the show for everyone!
Ryan thought a Karaoke machine was a silly gift... until he picked up the mic!

Ryan and Kevin are pretty skilled
And then it was over.

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