Friday, December 13, 2013

Seeing Santa for the Second Time and Much More

The Riverwoods in Provo always has a lot of fun things during the holidays, so the whole family got together for some Christmas fun!
Gabriel was terrified, so it was just Jude. Who wasn't at all afraid.
It was a bit too cold to get the baby, next year.
These kids were so excited, but wondered if Santa looked a little different from last time. Huh.
They all still asked for the same things. American Girl Doll, Darth Vader and toys.

The whole gang
After checking out several stores (I think that Dad bought like 50 chairs, no really) and letting the kids run wild through the toy store we all took a horse carriage ride. Lilly thought that was pretty fun.

Neinah loves horses
Then it was off to Kneaders for some yummy treats!
I could eat one of these tarts everyday! Yum!
Lilly wanted to wear this cute hat.
 Such a fun night to spend together. With less then two weeks until Christmas and then two weeks of Christmas break I'm sure this is just the beginning!

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